Online Business Course

Our Business Course will introduce you to all the different aspects of running a photography business, whether you want to start off part time or jump straight in to a full time photography career, our course will give you all the relevant information. The course has 10 modules and covers everthing from what you need to know before you start your business including market research, insurance & finding a niche to everything you need to know whilst running your business including tax, vat , finance options, marketing & photography equipment, plus lots more information that will really give you a great start to running a successful photography business.

The Course includes the following Modules:

  • Before You Start
  • Business Concerns
  • Business Website
  • Digital Age
  • Finance & Admin
  • Marketing & advertising
  • Photography Equipment
  • Photography Franchise
  • Photography Work
  • The Sales Process
Module 1 Before You Start
Unit 1 Basic Market Research
Unit 2 Finding A Niche
Unit 3 Insurance
Unit 4 Investment
Unit 5 Tax Implications
Unit 6 VAT
Unit 7 Business Mentoring
Unit 8 Equipment
Unit 9 Business Plan
Module 2 Business Concerns
Unit 1 A Day In The Life
Unit 2 Attracting New Clients
Unit 3 Business Premises
Unit 4 Photography Children; Rights & Responsibilities
Unit 5 Photography Copyright Basics
Unit 6 Protecting Your Copyright
Unit 7 Pricing
Unit 8 Reducing Your Overheads
Unit 9 Virtual Office
Module 3 Business Website
Unit 1 Basic Principles Of A Good Website
Unit 2 DIY Website Design
Unit 3 Employing A Website Designer
Unit 4 Increasing & Monitoring Website Traffic
Unit 5 Taking Online Payments
Unit 6 Website Hosting
Module 4 Digital Age
Unit 1 Back-Up & Security
Unit 2 Building A Portfolio
Unit 3 Client Management System
Unit 4 Accountancy Software
Unit 5 Digital Marketing
Unit 6 Workflow Process
Unit 7 Digital Prints
Unit 8 Reducing Overheads With VOIP
Unit 9 Reducing The Cost of Software
Unit 10 Utilising Client Management Software
Module 5 Finance & Admin
Unit 1 Pros & Cons of a Limited Company
Unit 2 Approching Investors for your Business
Unit 3 Business Plan Mistakes
Unit 4 Getting A New Business Bank Loan
Unit 5 Joining A Trade Organisation
Unit 6 Keeping Accurate Accounts
Unit 7 Legal Structures of Business
Unit 8 Making Realistic Sales Forecasts
Unit 9 Alternative Finance Options
Unit 10 Goverment Grants
Unit 11 Self Employment Rules & Regs
Unit 12 Rules Of Employing People
Unit 13 Writing A Business Plan
Module 6 Marketing & Advertising
Unit 1 Commissioning An Ad Agency
Unit 2 Corporate Identity
Unit 3 Developing An Effective Ad Campaign
Unit 4 Free Online Marketing
Unit 5 Are Printed Adverts Worthwhile
Unit 6 Marketing During A Downturn
Unit 7 Monitoring Sucess of An Ad Campaign
Unit 8 Naming Your New Business
Unit 9 Marketing: What You Need To Know
Unit 10 What Is Marketing
Unit 11 Search Engine Optimisation
Module 7 Photography Equipment
Unit 1 Choosing A Professional Camera
Unit 2 Choosing Photography Software
Unit 3 Lighting Equipment
Unit 4 Offsetting New Equipment Against Tax
Module 8 Photography Franchise
Unit 1 Are Franchises Recession Proof
Unit 2 Buying A Franchise
Unit 3 Is My Business Franchisable
Module 9 Photography Work
Unit 1 Advertising Photography Work
Unit 2 Portrait Photography
Unit 3 School Photography Work
Unit 4 Should You Specify or Diversify
Unit 5 Wedding Photography
Unit 6 Stock Photography Work
Module 10 The Sales Process
Unit 1 Becoming A Credit Card Merchant
Unit 2 Flexible Pricing: Should I Negotiate
Unit 3 How To Make A Sales Pitch
Unit 4 The Sales Process
Unit 5 Top Five Tips For Closing A Sale
Unit 6 The Variety of Sales Methods
Unit 7 What is B2B